A Guide to Pairing South Africa's Signature Sparkling Wine with Asian Cuisine

A Guide to Pairing South Africa's Signature Sparkling Wine with Asian Cuisine

We often think of sparkling wines as something to have only on special, celebratory occasions… but sparkling wines make great food pairing wines too. In fact, they are so versatile, they are suitable to pair with appetizers and with desserts!

In this article, we cover 2 quick and simple ways you can understand your Cap Classique better so that you can figure out what food to pair them with.

Understanding sweetness in your Cap Classiques

The terms "Brut", "Extra Brut", "Sec", "Demi-sec", and "Doux" are used to denote the sweetness levels in sparkling wines, including Cap Classique. "Brut" signifies a dry wine with low sugar content, while "Doux" represents the sweetest category. "Extra Brut" is even drier than Brut, "Sec" is slightly sweet, and "Demi-sec" is noticeably sweet.

Understanding acidity in your Cap Classiques

Determining the level of acidity in wine, including Cap Classique, involves understanding the taste and the sensation it leaves on the palate.

Wines with high acidity are described as tasting more tart and crisp, while wines with low acidity feel smoother or richer. The climate where the grapes are grown greatly affects a wine's acidity. Grapes grown in cooler climates tend to have higher acidity levels, while those from warmer climates may have lower acidity.

The level of acidity is crucial in pairing wine with food. A good rule of thumb is to match the wine's acidity level with the acidity in the food. For instance, a high-acid wine may pair well with a dish that has a citrusy or vinegar-based sauce.

Understanding these factors will help you to select a Cap Classique wine with an acidity level that complements your chosen dish.

Pairing Asian cuisines with Cap Classiques

Asian cuisine, with its diverse flavors and textures, pairs remarkably well with Cap Classique wines.

For instance, sushi, with its delicate flavors and vinegary rice, works wonderfully with a Brut Cap Classique, which cuts through the richness of the fish and complements the acidity of the rice.

A vegetable stir-fry, with its mix of sweet, sour, and umami flavors, pairs beautifully with a Sec or Demi-sec Cap Classique.

The wine's slight sweetness balances the savory elements in the dish, enhancing the overall flavors. Spicier dishes like Thai curries can be tamed by a Doux Cap Classique.

The wine's higher sugar content can counteract the spice and harmonize with the complex flavors of the curry.

Thus, understanding the balance between the flavors in your Asian dish and the sweetness and acidity of your Cap Classique will ensure a harmonious dining experience.

Cap Classiques and Singaporean Dishes

On the other hand, when it comes to Singaporean cuisine, noted for its rich flavors and multi-cultural influences, selecting the right Cap Classique can elevate the taste experience to another level.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice, with its fragrant rice and tender steamed chicken, pairs exquisitely with a Brut Cap Classique. The wine's acidity and delicate bubbles refresh the palate, enhancing the sublime flavors of the ginger and garlic in the dish.

Chilli Crab, another Singaporean classic, with its spicy and tangy sauce, works wonderfully with a Rosé Cap Classique. The wine's crisp acidity and fruity notes provide a counterbalance to the fiery, sweet, and tangy flavors of the dish. Try pairing our 2013 Rose of Sharon Rosé Cap Classique the next time you're having Chilli Crab!

Lastly, the spicy, coconut-based Laksa finds a pleasing partner in a Demi-Sec Cap Classique; its subtle sweetness and robust body complement the rich and fiery components of the soup.

The key to successful food and Cap Classique pairings lies in understanding the flavors and components of both the food and wine, and choosing a wine that will complement or counteract the food's flavors, rather than overpowering them.

Try a Cap Classqiue today

We’ve gone into quite a lot of detail into Cap Classiques and their varying levels of sweetness. Hopefully this inspires you to try the different types of Cap Classiques with your favourite dishes.

Top tip: Did you know that Cuveé on the label of a sparkling wine typically suggest premium quality?

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