Villion's Wines: New Producer specializing in cool climate SA Wines

Villion's Wines: New Producer specializing in cool climate SA Wines

As we continue to look for the best of South Africa to bring to you, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve added the wines from Villion's Wines to our portfolio, allowing us to bring you more cool climate SA wines options.

Villion's Wines, based in the heart of South Africa's Overberg wine ward, presents an alluring array of premium wines that embody the region's distinctive terroir. Expect a harmonious balance of elegance, complexity, and exceptional craftsmanship that is the hallmark of this esteemed winery.

With every Producer we represent, we proudly showcase them via their dedicated page. You can find all about Villion's wines here.

In the meantime, here's why we’re excited about Kobie, the Founder and Winemaker, and his range of wines:

Representing a new region in South Africa

Many of the wines that Kobie makes are classified as wines from Elgin and Bot River, with some being from Overberg. What all of them have in common is being from cool climate regions. 


In the context of South African wine regions, Elgin, Bot River, and the Overberg each belong to different wine wards, despite their geographical proximity and shared climatic conditions. The Elgin Valley is recognized as a distinct wine ward under the Cape South Coast wine region, noted for its high-quality, cool-climate wines. The region's temperate climate, with its significant diurnal temperature variation, creates an ideal environment for growing a diverse array of apples, contributing significantly to South Africa's apple industry. Elgin is also celebrated for producing some of the country's finest Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines, known for their vibrant acidity and complex flavour profiles.

Bot River 

Bot River, meanwhile, also falls under the broader Cape South Coast region but constitutes its own separate ward. Bot River is renowned for its robust red wines, particularly those made from Shiraz and Chenin Blanc. Bot River's unique terroir is characterized by gravelly soils and relatively warmer conditions compared to Elgin, which lends itself to producing wines with rich, full-bodied flavours and excellent aging potential. While both regions share a dedication to sustainable farming practices and high-quality wine production, Elgin's reputation leans more towards fruit and white wines, whereas Bot River is favoured for its distinctive red varietals.


The Overberg wine ward, nestled within the larger Cape South Coast wine region, stands out for its diverse range of varietals and distinctive terroir. Unlike the warmer, more inland regions such as Stellenbosch or Paarl, Overberg benefits from close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which imparts a cooling influence on the vineyards. This results in a longer growing season, allowing grapes to develop nuanced flavors and retain vibrant acidity. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc often excel here, exhibiting complexity and freshness.

Compared to other wards like Elgin and Bot River, Overberg shares a commitment to cool-climate viticulture. However, its coastal terroir contributes to some unique characteristics, especially in terms of minerality and subtle maritime influences. While regions like Stellenbosch are famed for their powerful Cabernet Sauvignon and full-bodied red blends, Overberg’s output tends to emphasize elegance and finesse, particularly in their white wines and Pinot Noir. This diversity is a hallmark of South Africa’s wine industry, offering wine enthusiasts a broad spectrum of tasting experiences across different wards, each defined by its own unique conditions and varietal expressions.

Wine range

Kobie is not the kind of winemaker who owns a farm. Instead, he likes having the versatility to make whatever wines he wants to make simply by buying high quality grapes from trusted farms.

This means he produces a wide range of wines, albeit in small limited quantities only.

Here’s what we’re representing in Singapore:


  • Villion's Wines - Blanc de l'atlantique 2022
    We’re particularly excited about this as it’s the very first White blend in our portfolio which we can’t get enough of ourselves!
  • Villion's Wines - Hening Chenin Blanc, 2022
    The limited stock we brought in was snapped up by the Sommelier at the 1880 Member’s club. He loved it so much, he took everything we had – Now available as a house pour, get yourself a glass at 1880… while his stock lasts!


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