It’s our birthday! We’re celebrating with these wines

It’s our birthday! We’re celebrating with these wines

Time flies! It was exactly 1 year ago that Message In A Bottle was officially registered as a company, with our UEN Number and all. Our very first company, and our first huge-ass, serious thing we did as a newly married couple!

One year ago, we didn’t even have a portfolio of Producers that we could offer in Singapore – all that existed was an idea of what we could do and who we’d like to showcase in our Portfolio (mostly based on whose wines we loved when we visited their tasting rooms during our honeymoon!). But having officially registered the company, it was time to put those ideas into action!

When we started the business, we wanted to increase the awareness of South African wines;

  • Help people understand the history of South Africa and how it’s impacted the SA wine industry,
  • Educate people about the terroir… the incredible flora and fauna, the ancient mountains, the notorious cape winds, and help people see the meeting of 2 oceans in South Africa, and how all of that influences the range of climates and types of wines produced in South Africa.
  • Change or shape the perception of South African wines by showcasing high-quality, delicious and affordable wines that South Africa has to offer.

We’re super happy that we get to do these through the various private wine appreciation sessions we’ve held in companies with a recreation club. We’ve also popped up in a number of private member only events and ended the year with our pop-up at The Cheese Shop in River Valley and Joo Chiat. We also held our first food and wine pairing dinner at Estuary Restaurant and Bar at Palais Renaissance in Orchard Road. We’re looking to do all of that and more in the coming year.

Above all, we want to champion South Africa’s own brand of wines; the Cap Classiques, the Chenin Blanc and the Pinotage! Just like Bordeaux is known for its red blends, and Chablis is known for its Chardonnay, the Cap Classique, Chenin Blanc and Pinotage are what defines South Africa’s wines!

So, if you haven’t tried a South African wine before, why not start the new year by trying something new. We’re offering 15% all our Cap Classiques, Chenin Blancs and Pinotage wines for the month of January.

Check out the collection of wines available for this promo.

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