Fryer’s Cove: New Producer specialising in Sauvignon Blanc

Fryer’s Cove: New Producer specialising in Sauvignon Blanc

We’re thrilled to share that we’re expanding our portfolio of boutique wineries and adding the incredibly delicious wines from Fryer’s Cove!

About Fryer’s Cove

“Forged of the earth, tempered by the sea”

Fryer’s Cove was started by a local farmer Jan van Zyl and his brother-in-law, Wynand Hamman, more than 30 years ago. Armed with what seemed like an impossible dream, they planted wines on the remote stretch of land just 500m from the Atlantic Ocean.

Inspired by the wines of Marlborough in New Zealand, which have the same cold winters and cool summer evenings as Bamboes Bay, the dream was to make distinctive, fine wines, different from anything else you would find in South Africa. Arguably the closest vineyard to the Atlantic ocean in South Africa, the vines also have to brave lashing winds. A cool blanket of mist continually deposits vast amounts of salt onto the leaves and grapes, which prevents vineyard diseases and adds to the vivid minerality in the wines.

The cellar is in an old crayfish factory which has a jetty over the ocean.

Icy seawater is pumped into the cellar to cool the tanks during fermentation.

From this mindset of ingenuity and minimalism, authentic wines are created that are forged of the earth, tempered by the sea. 

"The cool influence of our location enables harvesting to occur much later than our counterparts, encouraging the accumulation of greater complexity, with enhanced intensity and finesse. A saline note is also often detected due to our close proximity to the sea. Good structure provided by the incredibly tough conditions naturally curtail yields – resulting in generous concentration in the wines.

It is genuinely a one of a kind area crafting wine’s that are unlike any other." Says Devon Lochhead, Regional Director - Asia, DGB

About Bamboes Bay

It is the smallest ward in South Africa, and is located along the West Coast.

Fryer’s Cove is also the only vineyard in this ward, and is arguably the only vineyard this close to the icy Atlantic Ocean.

Check out this map for where Fryer’s Cove and Bamboes bay is!

Map of Fryer's Cove in Bamboes Bay South Africa

About Liza, Winemaker at Fryer’s Cove

We’re also really pleased we get to support a female winemaker with this winery addition!

Liza’s winemaking philosophy centres around minimal intervention, using what nature has provided in any given year to tell a story about a particular vintage.

Image of Liza Goodwin, winemaker at Fryer's Cove

The truly unique terroir of the Sauvignon Blanc planting at Bamboes Bay, where Fryer's Cove is located, is a winemaking prospect she found immensely appealing. Liza's travels to Italy and the winemaking regions of Verona and Campania provide valuable context for her position at Fryer's Cove. “The Italian producers' focus on small-batch winemaking and quality made a lasting impression on me, and it resonates with our approach at Fryer's Cove.”

You can read the full profile of Liza via the Fryer’s Cove Producer’s Page.

About the wines

The first Sauvignon Blancs to be added to our collection, you’d have 4 to choose from:

And, adding to our Chenin Blanc collection, our first “cool climate” Chenin Blanc; Fryer’s Cove Chenin Blanc 2023

Also, and we’re super excited about this, our very first Grenache Cinsault 2022.

Take advantage of the 15% storewide discount today and get yourself a South African wine!

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