Bringing South African wines to Singapore

Bringing South African wines to Singapore

Howzit! Annette here and I’m thrilled to be making our first entry and sharing with you our story, along with some updates for August.

Given that this is our first blog entry, I imagine it makes sense to share who we are and why we’re doing this?! So here goes.

Who is Message In A Bottle

If you searched for “message in a bottle”, the likelihood of you seeing a movie or a song in the first page of your Google search is likely 100%.

In fact, that song was exactly what inspired the name!

Behind the name, however, is me, Annette, and my South African husband Mark. We met and fell in love 4 years ago. When the Covid restrictions lifted, I visited Cape Town to meet his family and it was there that I fell in love with South African wines.

Our Story: Why bring South African wines into Singapore?

The truth is… I fell in love with the Chenin Blanc on the first day I was in Cape Town. I was blown away by how delicious the wine was and found that I kept falling in love with each glass I was served.

I never really paid attention to wines in Singapore. Sure, I’d have the occasional drink during dinner, but I can’t say I was ever really so impressed by the wines I had that I wanted another glass or felt the need to pay attention to what I was drinking.

But that glass of wine, and indeed my visits to the many wineries in Cape Town, left such an impression that when Mark and I were thinking of what life would look like after getting married, we instinctively knew that South African wines should be a part of the equation.

Bringing South African wines to Singapore gave Mark an opportunity to re-connect with his birthplace and gave me the opportunity to connect with it.

Since then, we’re delighted that we now have the opportunity to represent these specially curated portfolio of boutique, award-winning producers – Wine making families with whom we feel a very special connection.

We hope you enjoy their wines as much as we have!

Where to find us in Singapore


You’d be able to find us in select restaurants in central Singapore.

If you run a café, bistro or restaurant and would like to explore our wines, please reach us at


Get all our wines on our website! If you are exploring South African wines for the first time and need a recommendation, we’d be happy to assist. Simply ping me, Annette, at <+65 9833 9073>.

However, we also know some of you prefer to purchase all your wines from Vivino. To accommodate this preference, we’ve made sure to have our wines listed there too. You will also be able to find our store there.

Corporate functions

We can also conduct wine appreciation sessions in companies for corporate events, or provide wines for events. If you are interested in exploring these possibilities, we’d be happy to assist you with your enquiries. You can reach us at 

Our launch + Singapore’s birthday = 15% off all orders!

With the National day break coming up, consider getting some spectacular South African wines to accompany your home parties. #DrinkSouthAfrican

From now until 31 August, enjoy 15% off your orders, on us! 

Explore all our wines here.


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Message In A Bottle

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